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Op deze site blog ik over mijn saxofoon revisie projecten en vooral over mijn "recyling" projecten (resaxing). Doel daarvan is afgeschreven instrumenten te redden van de sloop en ondertussen van alles te ontdekken en te leren over het restaureren van saxofoons. Op mijn andere site schrijf ik over basklarinetten. Het gebruik van alles wat ik hier schrijf is voor eigen risico ;-).


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tenStep 1 - Programmable mouthpiece designer


After weeks my programmable mouthpiece designer is finished.

It can deliver a mouthpiece design on demand now. tenb

I can enter any tipopening, facing length, baffle shape. Now I have to find out what is an acceptable way to produce it. 3D printing with the conventional materials is possible but only for prototyping. Maybe other materials and more accurate printers are possible or maybe CNC work. I saw an interesting article about the nomad project. I hope to find an owner that like to print a prototype for me.


Who is interested in a design trial can mail me. 


A 3D file of a low resolution prototype can be downloaded here and can be viewed in 3D viewer like the one available in Windows 10.



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