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beaksMeasurement marathon part 2: Chamber height and angles

The second part is measuring the course of  the chamber height of the complete set of alto saxophone mouthpieces.

alto saxophone mouthpieces From left to right the mouthpieces under test:

  • Meyer 7M medium chamber
  • unbranded french?
  • Conn Steelay 5 (my favorit)
  • Pan American 3
  • unbranded 190
  • Selmer Goldentone 3
  • Yamaha 4c
  • Otto Link Super tone Master 7*
  • Selmer Soloist E copies (one red and two blue)
  • unbranded
  • Brilhart Tonalin
  • Selmer CS80 c*


The following information is derived from the measurements:

  • the internal angle of the chamber top
  • the length of the baffle
  • the angle of the baffle
  • the shape or course of the chamber top



The picture above shows the results of the second serie of measurements. Along the vertical axle the distance between the table and the roof of the chamber is shown. Along the horzontal axle the distance in line with the table is show, The point where the horizontal axle is reached corresponds with the tip of the mouthpiece (see also the attached picture of the mouthpiece).

There appear to significant differences; some mouthpieces show a strong S curve while other show an almost straight chamber. The grafic presentation of the chamber top angle shows variations between 20 and 30 degrees and baffle angles around 10 degrees. A few typical examples:


The Brilhart Tonalin has a steep chamber angle of 29 degrees that decreases gradually to 15 degrees at the tipopening. Most other mouthpieces have a sudden decrease in de angle that can be seen as the start of the baffle. With this mouthpiece the point of the decrease is almost impossible to detect. 



The Meyer chamber has a similar but smaller angle of about 22 degrees and a baffle of about 10mm's.



The Otto Link chamber show a quit constant angle of about 24 degrees and a long baffle of about 12mm's.



The Selmer solist chamber is quite straight with  21 degrees and a baffle of about 5mm's.



The Selmer CS80 C* chamber has a light S curve with an angle of average 24 degrees and a baffle of about 5 mm's.


The old Conn Steelay Mouthpiece chamber has a very straight curve of 24 degrees.



The Yamaha 4C chamber has a light S-curved mouthpiece with an angle of average 20 degrees and a baffle of 6mm.


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