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Op deze site blog ik over mijn saxofoon revisie projecten en vooral over mijn "recyling" projecten (resaxing). Doel daarvan is afgeschreven instrumenten te redden van de sloop en ondertussen van alles te ontdekken en te leren over het restaureren van saxofoons. Op mijn andere site schrijf ik over basklarinetten. Het gebruik van alles wat ik hier schrijf is voor eigen risico ;-).
Ik doe heel beperkt reparaties voor anderen. In 2019 staat dat op een enorm laag pitje.


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WP 20160903 13 00 04 ProMouthpiece work: cleaning hardrubber


Hardrubber mouthpieces get brown after some time. It seems not to be very difficult to let them look almost like new. 

I first started this experiment with an unbranded mouthpiece. After the first good result I tried it with a Selmer SA80 C*.


The way to renew the mouthpiece is to start wet sanding the mouhtpiece with a very fine type of waterproof sandpaper. Most of the time grit no. 400 or 600 will do. Using this on a brownish mouthpiece results in a lot of brown water. Then sand again with grit no. 1200 next with a very fine steelwool and finally polish it with a plastic polish.


The first picture below shows the Selmer SA80 C* after the first step: half way the wet sanding with waterproof paper grit no 600. 



Cleaning Selmer Cx 4



Cleaning Selmer Cx 6


After completing the first step it is all black again, but the mouthpiece is very dull, mat now.


Cleaning Selmer Cx 1

After polishing it with plastic polish it starts to shine like a new mouthpiece.

Cleaning selmer C 1

WP 20160903 13 24 42 Pro

The result an treated and an untreated example.


The result is quite good. But it can still be better than this. I had to skip the 1200 grid step since I ran out of this. But the result show what can be achieved.

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