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Foto Conn keyguard 2

Conn Connstallation Keyguard

An alternative design for the Conn 28M Connstellation keyguard. Thicker and a more modern design.

I have a very nice Conn 28M alto with a copy of the original keyguard. The copy is not too bad made but I do not like it. It is thin and fragile and reminds me too much of an old fashioned froral curtain. So I made an alternative minimal design. The outline is a bit like the original but I cut out the name Connstellation in a modern font and only used one small figure with two leaves. Then I have made three prototypes with a lasercutting and graphing machine from 5mm transparent acrylic plate.

 Foto Conn keyguard 8

The photo above shows the cutout name CONNSTELLATION. This is the prototype. The upper left corner was a little bit too rectangular in the first version. I had to adjust the mold and now it is OK. 

Mal keyguard

WP 20180601 16 05 31 Pro

You can spend a lot of time to get the maximum number of keyguards out of one plate.

I had to heat the acrylic plate in an oven at about 120 degrees Celsius and then press it in a wooden mold to get the right shape.

Foto Conn keyguard 3

The small engraving is not in the right position on this prototype. One of the screw holes would go right through it. Of course you can also skip one of the seven screws to mount it. This 28M however is missing two of the posts.

Foto Conn keyguard 4

It is necessary to add a 5mm spacer between the posts near the Low-B and Loc Bb  toneholes.

It took quite a lot attemps to make the right curving on the rigth place. I had to move the curve on this side a little more to make it perfect. Notice that the thread is at an angle of about 45 degrees. The first version also had a spacer near the low C but after modification of the mold that is not needed anymore.

Foto Conn keyguard 7 

Also the threads in the posts on the body are under an angle of about 30 degrees. That is why the plate has to be curved and because otherwise the plate will touch the low B and Low Bb keys.

 It is also possible to have the engraving below. 

Take care that is not exactly curved a the original version. The side near the Low B and Low Bes is not curved. Only the top and right side of the picture below.

conn 28m keyguard small





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