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Pierret C mel modele 6 3Pierret Modele 6 C-melody

 This very interesting instrument was found on ebay and sold by a curiosity shop. We thought it was a normal Bb tenor. I suppose the owner didn't know the difference. When the instrument arrived the package appeared to contain a few suprises.

At first the case appear to be a nice darkened self made wooden case.

Pierret C mel modele 6 3

The instrument look quite good and fitted tight in the case:

Pierret C mel modele 6 5

The second suprise were the newspaper that were used to pack the case. French newspapers dating from 1953! A surprise of the antique and curiosity shop or has this saxophone been for 66 years ina French Attic room? The pads were very old white ones, but the condition of the instrument was very well. Not much play for such an old instrument.

Pierret C mel modele 6 7

The third suprise was the size of the isntrument. It appeared to be a rare European C-melody instrument.
In the picture below is it shown with a Keilwerth tenor.

Pierret C mel modele 6 10

Luckily the owner wanted this saxophone, so it has been completely overhauled.
And during overhaul a few more suprises appeared.

The biggest surprise is the lefthand piny table that is lacking a G# key.
I have never seen this before. The G# is operated by using the B, Bb or C# key.

Pierret C melody modele 6 14

Instead of the G# touchplate a U shaped arm is mounted under the Bb and C# key.

Pierret C melody modele 6 15


I thought maybe it is modified, but the position of the table is perfect compared to the other left hand key to be operated by the left hand pinky finger.

Pierret C melody modele 6 16

The last (not a real suprise) is the octave mechanism that is not automatic yet.

Pierret C melody modele 6 20

The instrument is completly overhauled. And the nickelplated body and keys are all lightly brushed to give it a more attractive look.

Pierret C melody modele 6 10

Pierret C melody modele 6 11

Pierret C melody modele 6 16

Pierret C melody modele 6 17

Pierret C melody modele 6 18


Pierret C melody modele 6 19

A bit exciting is the tuning of the instrument. There was no C-melody mouthpiece with it. Only a tenor mouthpiece. With the first test it was difficult to tune it. But after a quarter it appears to be quite OK with a standard Alto and tenor mouthpiece.

Pierret C melody modele 6 8




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