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Timis Solist de Lux 8Pink tableau collectie (pinky table collection)

When the Timis Solist pinky table looked a little familiar to me, I decided to make a collection of pinky table photographs and find out if the table design is some kind of  signature of the factory. Conclusion was that the Timis pinky table looked a lot like the VKS pinky table. So I presume this Timis can be made in Germany instead of Romania.

Yes! I am interested in a photo of your pinky table to make this collection more complete! Send an email with the photo to johan @ the name of this website.

Amati Classic de Luxe ca.(19??) Amati Tone King ca. (1970) Ansingh sopraan 
Amati Classic de Luxe Amati Toneking Sopraan H 014 Sopraan Ansingh 
Buescher C melody ca 1930 Buescher Aristocrat vroeg Buescher Aristocrat 1975-80
Buescher C melody 049  buescher aristocrat buescher aristocrat jong
Buescher Big B  Buescher Simple SImon  
buescher big B Buescher Simple Simon 10  
  Beaugnier alt  Buffet Crampon S1 soprano
  beaugnier alt   Buffet Crampon S1 5 kopie
 Cerlino Sopraan ca 1970  Comet 204 sopraan   
 cerlino 8  Comet 204 3  
 Conn New Wonder I Alto (1924) Conn New Wonder II Soprano (1927)  Conn Panamerican 
 conn 1924 027 Conn Chu Berry Sopraan 005   conn panamerican 005
Conn Stencil Wurlitzer C melody Conn 6M    Conn Mexico ca. 1970
Wurlitzer C Melody 18  conn 6m  Conn Mexico
Conn 14M Shooting Star  Conn Chu Berry  
Conn 14m Shooting star  chuberry  
Couesnon 1898  Couesnon Monopole
 couesnon 1898  couesnon monopole  
Henri Dolnet ca 1930: Dolnet  Royal Jazz:  Dolnet Bel Air Sopraan
 Henri Dolnet 02  dolnet royal jazz

 Dolnet Bel air sopraan

 S.Douchet & Cie Gary Sugal Sopraan ca 1990:  Grafton alt
Douchetcie Gary Sugal  Grafton alt
Hofinger Sopraan  Holton Tenor  Holton Sopraan
 hofinger holton tenor  Frank holton sopraan 2
 Klingson Hammerschmidt alto Klingson (1942) Hammerschmidt  Keilwerth Toneking 1961:
alt saxofoon klingsor 10 pinky  Klingson  keilwerth toneking
  Keilwerth King: Kohlert Regent  Kohlerta (192x)
keilwerth king 1938 Kohlert Regent 7  kohlerta
King Zephyr:    
king zephyr    
Kohlert & Sons (VKS): Kohlert Dearman:  
VKS a880 kohlert dearman  
Martin Handcraft: Martin Typewriter: Martin Handcraft Troubadour
Martin Handcraft Martin Typewriter Martin Handcraft Troubadour
Martin Handcraft Imperal: Martin Handcraft Committee: Martin Committee III: 
(The Martin)
Martin Handcraft Imperal Martin Handcraft Committee Martin Committee III
Martin Centennial: Martin Handcraft Imperal:  Martin Magna
Martin Centennial Martin Imperal  Martin Magna

Melody de Luxe 
(F.X.Huller stencil)

ca 1940:

F X Huller    
Orpheum tenor  Pierret Vibrator Pierret "corps embouti" 
Orpheum tenor  pierret vibrator pinky keys  Pierret vintage alt
 Schenkelaars ca 1970:    
Schenkelaas 481 2    
Musica Steyr  Weltklang Superieur  Weltklang (193x)
steyr43a 10 Superieur tenor weltklang 4  Weltklang

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